Our Internal Stables are built to your exact requirements in long lasting tanalised timber with high quality fittings.

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Here at Bespoke Timber Construction we understand the strains and stresses that buildings of this type are subjected to. Knowing this, we make our internal stables exceptionally strong to cope with the rigours of use, not only by the occupant but also by age and the elements. You can get in touch with Bespoke Timber Construction via email here or by calling us on 01539 624547 / 07734 497917 So get in touch today for a free no obligation quotation

Internal stable unit

The photo above shows two stallion boxes with grilles between them. Opposite these two boxes is another larger stallion box facing them. They have been constructed inside an existing old barn.

Internal stable unit


Our Internal Stables are very similar in construction and design to our external stables in many ways. The Internal Stables can be designed in any formation or size, along with the materials used, it is dependent upon your requirements. As with the External buildings, all wood is tanalised. Using tanalised timber in our internal stables means that there is no need for aftermarket treatments. Another benefit of this feature is little or no maintenance is required in the preservation of our buildings.


As with the Field Shelters and Stables all wood is tanalised. Standard Stable features are listed below.

  • Tanalised 4” x 2” framework.
  • Half inch plywood kickboards lined to 4ft.
  • Stable doors complete with fixings such as kickover latches, heavy duty door bolts and anti-chew strips
  • Tanalized 4” x 4” posts or 4” x 4” steel posts.

  • On our internal stables, Steel grilles are optional above the kickboards.

Internal stable unit
Internal stable unit
Internal stable unit


Our experience in original Bespoke design mean’s that our product can be tailor made to suit your exact requirements – whatever they may be. We provide a range of options to suit your needs and budget – from the type of exterior cladding through to the location of the windows, the possibilities are endless.

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Bespoke Timber Construction of Cartmel is a traditional and family run firm, this allows us to maintain a personal approach – we don't just talk to you, we listen to what you want – in order to deliver professional results

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Your building can be fitted out with a whole host of extras making life even more comfortable for the occupant such as: External staining Roof lights Roof vents Internal / external tack rooms Vented windows Full height plywood lining For further information of accessories, Contact Us here.

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